Seamless Educational Interface

E-learning content that can be accessed and used by educators, students, and independent users:

Educators (Schools/Teachers)

Integrated Learning

Utilise a Customised Curriculum

Teach preschool and K–12 students with modules matching your curriculum

Learning Reports at a Glance

Engage Students

Engage students with high-definition 3D animated videos

Enhanced Lessons and Outcomes

Enable Hands-on Learning

Encourage hands-on learning with 3D interactives for better learning and outcomes

Easy Upload and Publishing of Content

Enhance Lessons & Improve Results

Strengthen students’ learning experience with assessments, and with resources like interesting facts, keywords, and HD images


Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access content on desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets and mobile phones, both online and offline

Learning Together

Learn with Videos

Access 3D animated videos for effective and engaging learning experiences

Streamline Assignments

Learn With 3D-Interactives

Have fun while learning with 3D interactives that let you regulate the objects of learning and engage with the concepts in the related module

Express Your Opinion

Revise and Practise

Revise concepts with assessments like quizzes, question bank, and drag and drop activities