Global Warming

The atmosphere contains some gases which trap the heat given off by the sun.

These gases are known as greenhouse gases and they maintain the temperature of the earth.

They keep the earth warm enough for humans, plants and other creatures.

However, due to pollution, the greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere, and thus trapping more heat given off by the earth.

This makes the earth warmer.

This warming of the earth is known as global warming.

Let’s understand the effects of global warming.

Due to global warming, the climate around us is changing.

The temperatures are rising and the earth is getting parched.

The effects are visible to us.

As the atmosphere becomes warm, the polar ice caps begin to melt.

As a result of this, the water level in the oceans and seas rise.

This rise in the water-level causes flooding on the shores, and soon some islands may even disappear under the ocean.

Global warming will also cause extreme weather conditions.

Plants and animals are greatly affected as global warming rises.

It may cause some animal species to become extinct because of the change in climate.

So what can we do about it?

We could reduce the consumption of fuels by generating electricity from clean sources, like the wind and sun, instead of from coal which releases greenhouse gases on burning.

We could reduce deforestation and increase the number of trees planted.

Since trees take in carbon dioxide, if we cut so many of them, the carbon dioxide will be trapped in the atmosphere.

As cars emit greenhouse gases, we could car pool, thus reducing the number of cars emitting poisonous gases.

Turning off lights, fans and the TV when not in use is another way of releasing less heat into the atmosphere.