Major Parts of the Human Body

Hi, I am Mac. I can catch a ball with my hands and run with my legs. In the same way, I can use my other body parts to do many more things during the day.

Do you know why we have so many different body parts?

That’s because every part has a different job to do.

Let’s first have a look at our sense organs. My sense organs help me to sense different things.

My eyes help me to see objects.

My ears help me to hear sounds.

My nose helps me to smell.

My tongue helps me to taste food.

I touch and feel with my fingers.

I have many other body parts too.

This is my head. It’s covered with hair, which protect me from the cold.

The teeth in my mouth help me to bite, chew and grind food into tiny pieces so that I can swallow it easily. The chewed food then goes into my stomach.

Just above the stomach is my chest. It protects my lungs.

I use the lungs for breathing air.

Thus, the different parts of the body help me in do so many different things in the day.